Girl from Berlin

Author’s note: HeyHappy Valentine’s DayI hope you enjoy this horror tale. (:

 I walked alone. The night was dark, the lights did not illuminate much more than five feet around me, it’s strange how a famous city like Berlin has so badly-lit streets, the difficulty of reading the plates increases. I just knew I was in front of a cemetery. ‘Old Cemetery of St. Matthew Berlin’ said the only card readable, well that would be useful if I found a pay phone nearby. But the more I looked, I only saw the darkness.

  I turned around and started walking abandoning the huge gates of the cemetery. Stared at the floor, the only thing I could see was my boots kicking the loose cobblestone street, a blue light appeared inexplicably coming against me that lit up the whole sidewalk. I turned around, then my eyes accustomed to the glare, I saw a pretty brunette girl in military fatigues. Her beauty bewildered me, I was walking slowly toward her as she looked serious to me. But in the blink of an eye the beautiful girl disappeared. How is it possible? Am I going crazy? Better get back home soon before people become worried. I kept walking aimlessly.

The next day I woke up I remembered well this apparition. And it all seemed so unreal, that the blue light was anyway? Was it really a girl or an illusion? I was puzzled, as if it were going to look real? I do not know his name, nor as to call it. I decided I would go after school so immense that city, behind my brunette. I have to find.

I stopped at cafes, bars, restaurants and squares. I stopped people who were rushing just to ask ‘Did you see a pretty brunette girl slim in military outfits?’ And the answer was always the same, ‘no’.

I had lost hope; I sat on a bench next to a friendly old man who fed the pigeons. I think I’ll never see her again, she was just an apparition. I ask again, now to that old, but when I opened my mouth immediately I saw that beautiful, my girl from Berlin.

I ran desperately, that girl would not escape from my heart. It was so romantic that the brunette was also shot in my direction. We met, I took her hand and she kissed me the taste of lips impressed me, was so intense, almost bitter taste, indescribable, I fell in love.

When I opened my eyes the girl in my arms was not more. That girl so real, could not be hallucinating, but how can she have disappeared? It had no reason. I went to see the doves, and sat on that bench. I talked to the elderly about the city, he said he knew everyone who lived there. I asked hoping that he knew my girl from Berlin.

- Have lived in the city long ago a young woman with characteristics well. She was so beautiful had that all men want. But she was Jewish and could not marry Catholics. Especially during the Second World War. And because it’s so beautiful had your body changed for your life, no soldier took her to the death camp. But she fell in love with a Nazi general. A cruel man who promised eternal love, but as the two made love, he killed her with a knife in his bosom. They say her ghost still hangs around. Looking for a soul to keep her company.
This whole story made me crazy, that beautiful girl could not be a ghost, would be only confusion that old
alienated who was trying to scare me. It is not possible. My love is real.

I went home and lay on my bed. He stared at the ceiling and could not stop thinking about the girl snorting, beautiful, kissing me. She left me wobbly with all this beauty and mystery. And suddenly my muse appeared. Somehow, in my room, her beauty blossomed. Perfect girl looked me in the eyes:

- Love me that way, completely physical with pleasure.

Come up in your body warm and delicious, I kissed her. As quickly to undress her, the girl stabbed a knife in her hand. And blessed:

- Deliver me from eternal pain and loneliness to which I was convicted. Amen.

Luana Cristini

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