Author’s note: Hey, that is my best seller tale¬†famous tale. Anette. Romance, terror. Well, read. Hope you like. And sorry for the bad translate. Para ler Anette em portugu√™s clique aqui.

Blonde, blue eyes, will make 13 years in July, this was Annette, do not say that she was the prettiest girl in class, no one thought that, but I was in love with her. She had a rather explosive temper, but at the same time a delicacy and sweetness. I remember the first time I talked to Annette, I was shy, I’m a year older than her, met her through my father, who taught us both, and how her mother died and father works at two jobs to support her, he had to put the girl in school full time, facilitating I talk to her. Anette had plenty of friends, but these were all false to the girl, since they were friends just to enjoy the popularity that had little to dress well, she was fond of fashion.

She knew her friends were false, I don’t know why she did not cut relations with them. She was always with them, and they made jokes with her ridiculous. Like when they thrower little pieces of paper in her curly hair, or risked her all. They took her things. She was always weaker. She always cried, cried a lot.

Worse was when they cut the strings of her violin before a presentation to the other girl, prettier and more popular, won the award for best violinist in the school. I remember seeing her crying this day, it was important to her that award, but who cared? Of her eyes reddened hot tears streamed down his face cold of nervousness. She did not know what to do. I gave her a hug, and told her to calm down. She did not hear me, she was tired of everyone around her.

She always tried to talk to the director, Deborah, but she never heard, because the girl was always the minority. Anette was angry with the fact that the director think it is normal that someone cut the strings of his violin, or throw little pieces of paper in you or someone stealing your stuff. But if a student who did this to her, she would be reprimanded. She had to help clean the school, the best punishment for a girl who studies full time.

Next day in class she was different. Her curly blond hair tousled and was armed, as if just woken up. Everyone laughed at her. She did not change the expression of indifference of her face. I really was terrified, Anette has always had cheerful smile on her face, but that day she had a more devilish look. It seemed wanted to kill someone. She was quiet all day, and did not talk to me.

This was repeated for many days and the girl was silent, like a lion waiting for the best time to attack prey, sitting on the sidelines, shaking anger, dropped anyway. A human being can really destroy the other psychological. She walked the halls crawling and babbling strange things. It looked like Latin. Our school had a course of Latin, but there were few students who attended. How Anette liked the culture of ancient civilizations, she did.

This week at school was the week of inter-school tournament ball-mast. Everyone was excited, less Anette . The team was training like never before to get the first place, since we were in second place in the last tournament. The Deborah, director, came into our room to warn that there would not be lecture since tomorrow. When Deborah turned to leave the room the door slammed. She tried to open, but had been locked. He hesitated, took his keys and tried to unlock, the key broke in the lock.

The students were tense and started screaming, I confess that I was also scared to death. The class light started to flash that frightened even more students. Over time, they stopped; they knew they could do nothing screaming, only to burst your vocal cords.

I turned my worried look to Anette and saw that his eyes were redder than usual, she was drawing on the table, as usual, but drawing symbols and write Latin phrases. The light that flickered went out, the class had been silent for a moment. The light went on, Anette was the only one standing. She walked with difficulty towards the front of the class, which made everyone keep an eye on her, they thought she was feeling bad, because tension.

Anette dug her nails in the staff table and climbed it , stood standing on it. Looked at all that were below her, mumbled a few words in Latin, the lamps in front of the class exploded. People frightened, Anette jumped on the director keeping her immobile and gave her a punch in the face. The principal pushed her away. Anette hit in my wallet. I could see lumps on his back, causing her shirt lifted a little. Anette jumped on Deborah again, this time nailing the nails into her arms. Everyone was so tense and remained motionless just watching the scene.

She became increasingly strong. And the director was all mangled. Anette wanted her dead, picked up his pace and stuck in the throat of Deborah, reaching the aorta. She tore the most she could of her enemy’s throat, and drank her blood to drain. Her transformation was complete. Anette had sharp pointed teeth, wings of a bat, long nails and horns, like a demon.

She shakes her wings and grunted, said with his voice altered, thicker than the voice of my father, that would kill everyone slowly and painfully. The class shook and everyone started running and screaming with fear of the devil. She killed one by one, or eating the head, or sticking to artery, or tearing the guts, or separating the members of the victims body, has disfigured faces, drank their blood and ate their eyes, caused terror; made with those who she hated suffer a lot. Until she, a lot of corpses and me remains in the class.

I was desperate, I started running like crazy, I knew I would not help, but run let me safer. Anette grabbed me with its long sharp claws and making cuts on my back. She stood up, pulled my head aggressively against her and went with her mouth close to me, pulled her fangs on my lips and put her tongue full of blood between my teeth. Her mouth tasted like a corpse, an unforgettable taste.

Then she fell to the ground, and I over her. Her skin be soft again, her hair back to blonde and silky, was the Anette that I knew. I hugged her. Her body was loose, no energy. The door opened. I took my beloved in his arms, and went out of that caused hell.

Sad suicides.

Luana Cristini

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