Macabre Whorehouse

Author’s note: Hi darlings, this is my first translation of one of my texts, my inglsh is horrible, but better the Google Translator, haha. Hope you like (or understand). Para brasileiros e afins, leiam a versão em português Puteiro Macabro (Português)

Leaving a party, I stopped at a bar, drinking more with my friends. We’re three singles, good life, live alone in the same republic. John is the nerd, knows everything about technology, Peter is a big lover, he can get more girls in one month than I would during the year, and I just like to enjoy life, there is something wrong with that?

 After a lot of vodka and cheap wine, Peter wanted to be at a whorehouse, fuck some girls. He is a lot pervert and John hate it, he thought Peter was a sex addict. But tonight John agreed to go in the house of prostitution, which opened at Nine of July street, because have great sounds about it. Puteiro Macabro

 We pay the bar bill, after a short discussion if we would take a single room and do the three of us and each one with two girls, or if we were going for each room there, so are more convenient to think of it there. We left the bar and went to the car that was parked across the street. I had a bad feeling.

 We got into the car, put loud, we all happy and no sense of directions. I started to accelerate the car, and make sharp turns, John just throwing up out the car window, a yellow stale liquid that smelled of beer was still on the car. Peter and I just laughed.

 We arrived at the house of mirth, we entered in a hall large and dimly lit, smelled of blood, usually cum whorehouse smells, that is, if you do not find shit at her feet. The receptionist of the place said us to wait for in a while until one of his attendants could provide any service to us.

 About ten minutes later there comes a man with white clothes, fat and her hair was thinning. He had a grotesque appearance. Appeared to be the pimp. He came and greeted us without shake our hands. He warned us that the maximum stay in that place was three hours.

 We entered through a small door and pass a long hallway, empty, the smell of blood was more intense, as we went further light was scarcer and could hear already the screams of women, exciting screams.

 We turned the hallway and in it had beautiful naked women hanging as Christ was crucified, but not just stuck with nails in the wrists but throughout the body. It seemed we were in in a museum, a collection of artwork hanging on the walls, except that all alive, the thick blood flowing and falling to the ground and the Muses groaned in pain, while so visitors could enjoy the pleasure of seeing these art. Beneath my feet was a disgusting mixture of cum and blood.

 Peter could not resist, took off your pants and shirt, got naked like other pervers of the enclosure. He took his hard cock in his hand and used the mixture down to lubricate your penis and began masturbating.

 The pimp said to continue advancing towards us to leave him to enjoy the handjob. We agree, because there was already even one hour we were at the whorehouse and still had not fucked.

We walked some more that extensive place until we arrived at in a site with three stages of strip-tease in the right side had a lesbian orgy going on with the prostitutes that left the herd of men crazy. On left stage had females horribly mutilated, one without a face and eyes hung, the other was just breasts, buttocks and head, she was fed up and cut off her own body to men and the last was all mutated , his hands were reversed, had eyes in her ass and her pussy was on the face, where the mouth, and she was all chopped up and sewn on the outside, and was continuing to dance and twirl like a sexy bitch. And had young girls on the main stage, grizzled men, lions and snakes. In a half hour the show start from here, did a little over two hours we were in this grotesque place. He could not imagine the types of sex to get out of the middle platform.

 Goodman told me and John to choose a woman from the stage that we had sex with them for free. I refused, but he chose Paola, the more bizarre from there, he kissed to greet her and she cummed into him mouth. The pimp told them to follow to a room alone, because the mutant known the house. And again he asked if I wanted a girl, I denied.

 I had disgust of the grotesque, I think sex has to be done with love, yes I’m a old-fashioned romantic guy. That place terrified me. The pimp took me to the last ‘room of fun’ he had, that way he was referring to places with blood and sex in this house.

 He opened the door and I saw two men drinking the blood of a woman, a being that I could not identify, did not seem very human, neither man nor woman, nor beast, nor reptile, it was something and was there writhing up and screaming for mercy. Although I heard people crying and noise chainsaw.

 The pimp said this was what happened with men who stayed for more than three hours. They went from one ritual for sex change and turned a prostitute to work for him, who refused to turn a whore their meat and organs gave away to feed the monsters of the whorehouse.

I looked at the clock and he laughed. I already had twenty-two minutes. I ran desperately, looking for the way back. I heard screams in the background ‘no, you can’t escape, this place is a labyrinth.’ Managed to get to show hall, the center stage spectacle had begun. A muscleman fucking a child while it had its head eaten by lions.

 In the crowd I met Paola and she could see my horror. She asked me how long I had and I checked, counted ten minutes. She took my hand and ran me as soon as we could together. Some women hanging, were already dead, and were being subsisted for other artworks. She pulled me said that we needed to accelerate. We arrived at the dark corridor, gradually saw the light. And the little door through which I entered.

 She said wouldn’t leave with me, she was very bizarre to the real world. I insisted on she came, no one deserved that hell. I pushed her to under the little door, the man was already in reception, stared at him and was dragging the girl until the front door. We jumped out.

We got into the car, and I accelerated. She was afraid, held her hand.

 - Your friends are now satanic whores.

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